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Levis 501 90s black destr zwart A19590015

A19590015 black zwart 001
Merk: Levis
Subcategorie: dames
Artikelcode: A19590015
Kleur: 001

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a process, so it's easy to pine for those jeans you had back in the day—the ones that seemed to fit just right. Inspired by that vintage mindset, the 501® '90s jeans are here, with a midrise that's just just loose enough in the leg. They're the vintage jeans you've hoped to find at the thrift store, but without the rummaging.

  • Mid-rise with a loose fit that's just right 
  • For a slimmer fit, try one size down, and for a less loose fit, try the 501® Original 
  • The original blue jean since 1873 
  • A blank canvas for self-expression
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